Diana- Lithuania

Istvan – Hungary

Fred M-France

Fred M – France

Hur,Kang - S.Korea

Hur,Kang – S.Korea

Kang - S.Korea

Kang Hee Joon- S.Korea

Ko, Hyun-hie- S.Korea

Ko, Hyun-hie- S.Korea

Ko, Seung-hyun-S.Korea

Ko, Seung-hyun-S.Korea

Ri - S.Korea

Ri, Eung woo – S.Korea

Ha, JungSu portrait

Ha, JungSu -S.Korea

kim namu portrait

Namu- S. Korea

N.Gear - Scotland

N.Gear – Scotland

Roy Staab - USA

Roy Staab – USA

Rumen - Bulgaria

Rumen – Bulgaria

Saulius - Lithuania

Saulius – Lithuania

Strijdom - S. Africa

Strijdom – S. Africa

Ya Chu-Kang - Taiwan

Ya Chu-Kang – Taiwan

Peter Alpar – Romania

Mahmoud Maktabi – Iran

Reyhane Omidghaemi – Iran

Makan Ashouri – Iran


One response to “International

  1. Congratulations, Ya Chu Kang of Taiwan. Good luck with this experience in India. Let me know how it goes, and it was a pleasure to nominate you for this project. Best wishes, Jane Ingram Allen

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