The Global Nomadic Art Project was conceived after the demonstration project in Korea. The projects are planned to be held in

2015- Asia

2016-South Africa & Iran



This project consists of three parts:

– Outdoor Nature Art Workshops,

– Indoor Nature Art exhibitions 

– Publishing of documentation and catalogues from the project.

It is expected to have different ideas from nature since every country has different types of natural environments. The Artists will stay 3-4 weeks in each country and work exploring the various natural environments. The interest is not to make any artwork as commodity, rather to leave traces of dialogue with Nature by creating ephemeral artworks. The artists will listen and communicate with Nature through their work. It is now added that the documentation of all past GNAP(s) will be mounted in each upcoming GANP’s in other countries. For e.g. this time in India the exhibition will have the current documentation of GNAP 2015 India and the past GNAP 2014 S. Korea and when the project moves to South Africa, the exhibition there will be added with India and South Korea eventually the GNAP will keep on growing as it travels from country to country.